Hi, my name is Olivia (as you can probably tell from the title of this page). I’m the other half of this blog and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself:

  • I’m a mexican girl of 17 years of age who is in deep love with the idea of leaving town and just wander about the planet like it’s no big deal.
  • I really like documenting most of the stuff that happens to me, which is why making this blog makes total, perfect sense.
  • Mostly, I like reading, writing and (recently) drawing. Although, I have to admit, my drawings are not that good.
  • I also enjoy keeping up with what’s going on (not the kardashians) and having an opinion about it.
  • Some people don’t agree with my opinions and I can’t blame them, after all, I’m not a professional or an expert about most things I comment on.
  • Sometimes, my opinions are the equivalent of my aunt’s remarks on facebook. You know, that aunt that has need of commenting on every single thing you share. You decide who it is I’m talking about, but we all have that one relative.
  • Anyways, I consider myself to be relatively confident. Excluding those overthought moments, I tend to be pretty carefree and unjudgemental about other people’s life choices.
  • I have taken a liking for vinyl records, particularly one from the Carpenters which really helps me connect with my emotions (WOW, THAT WAS CHEESY).
  • I can be pretty cheesy when I want to, but it makes me vomit a little inside my mouth. Cheesiness just makes me cringe.
  • Thankfully, no one in my family is into nauseating romance. My brothers can be quite corny sometimes, but I’m stuck with them so I just deal with it.
  • I have four brothers and no sisters.
  • That little, tiny, weeny fact has made my life so much easier. I never had to fight anyone over clothes or just stuff in general.
  • All 5 of us are very different and I’m thankful for that because, if there’s something I support, its diversity and individuality.
  • The one thing we all have in common is our abundant creativity, which makes family vacations very interesting.
  • I fantasize about things a lot, like what my flat will look like or where I will end up living. It’s probably what makes me creative and easily distracted at the same time.
  • I chew my tongue when I’m concentrated. Sometimes I also pull my lips. Some say I’m a masoquist because of that *insert hysterically laughing emoji here*

I’ve ran out of things to say so, I’m going to end this here. Hopefully, you’ll get to know me much better, but until then, I’ll talk to you later.


I’ll leave some pictures of me right here so you can match a face to the craziness up there 😉

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 2.02.19 PM
Me in my favorite city ever.
Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.33.10 PM
Me in my little nephew’s little van.
My family and me in Budapest. There’s one brother missing in this picture 😦