Written by: Olivia Gómez

A stare, by definition, is a long fixed, vacant look. Vacant. I disagree with that, strongly. On my book, a stare is a look you give a person who is being put under your judgement. It can be a good judgement, like when you stare at your crush and contemplate the endless possible outcomes of your non-existent relationship. It can be a bad judgement, like when you see a person you hate and you throw them the stink eye. It can be neither, like when you drift off into that part of your brain that contains all your fantasies and end up daydreaming for a good hour or two. However, it is never vacant. According to my experience, a stare conveys all the unspoken emotions hidden within a human, so it says a lot.

Photo by: Bel (2011)

We’ve all been stared at at least once in our lifetime and, while some people (most people) tend to ignore them, others, like me, sometimes find them to be very stressful. Lately, I have not been wearing any make up to school. The main reason for this is because I just don’t have the time in the morning, and frankly, I’m not willing to sacrifice a good extra 15 minutes of sleep which are probably the only thing that makes me not trip all day from tiredness. But, why is it important? Why do I care enough about this to write it on my blog? Well, the thing is every time I don’t wear make-up outside my house I feel “the stares”. I feel them at the back of my neck and I feel them piercing into my soul through my eyes.

I live in a city that is very aware of looks. Actually, I live in a world that is very aware of looks. Your looks define how people perceive you.They determine the category you fit in. If you roll up the sleeves of your button-up shirt, wear big glasses and have a beard, you automatically become a hipster. If you care little about your make-up or clothes, and only wear t-shirts, you’re a tomboy. If you wear comic-themed shirts or tv show themed shirts, you are tagged as a geek. Let’s face it, we like putting things in boxes. Its satisfying, I get it. But, why do we insist in locking people inside boxes? Sure, maybe, at first sight, a person might perfectly fit a label, however, at their core, they might be very different. I have friends that dress like hipsters, but are no where near what an actual hipster is. I have friends that look like geeks but are, in fact, very hipster.

Listen people, the world is ever changing. You can’t expect a person to stay the same forever. Regardless of what some believe, humans do change; and they do it all the time! So, please, let them do it in peace.


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