My first week in Switzerland.

I spent all summer waiting for the trip.

The experience of my life.

It sounds so cliché but it is.

A crazy lot has happened these first days. But I guess that’s what happens when you are getting used to a whole different culture.


Let me just start off by saying that Lausanne is beautiful. The lake gives you an amazing view from almost anywhere and every street is so picturesque. And even though the village is so breath-taking, I’ve felt like every single day something new, unexpected, and sometimes stressful thing happens. These are the things I’m talking about.

So lets start with the day I arrived.

We arrived Monday, August 29th at 7 pm. The only confusing thing that happened was that our expectations vs reality of our new house were on total opposites of the pole. We didn’t see pictures of the house beforehand, we could only see it in google but with no street view, just from above. So, being the optimistic people that we are, we though it was a mansion. And oh boy were we wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really care where I live because I’ll just be there to eat and sleep, the rest of the day I will be at school or out exploring. And our host is so nice and sweet. But the house is a tiny mess. Everything is everywhere, and things are smaller than I have ever seen them. Small spoons, small glasses, small rooms, small tables, small towels. Everything is small, except for the food portions.

The next tragic thing that happened was: realising we didn’t have wi-fi at home. Yup, no wi-fi. How was I supposed to talk to my parents or even make my homework?? It took me almost four days to decide and spend 110 CHF on a cell phone and internet for the time I’ll be here. It hurt me so much to have to spend that amount of money on wi-fi instead of using it to travel more, but it was something I had to do for school and to keep in touch with my family back home.

On our second whole day at Switzerland we decided to go to the lake with some friends and just look around and explore a little. We left when it started to get dark and arrived home at 8:40 pm. When we got home, our host was so worried and scared for us. She didn’t know where we were and had already called our program director and our teachers because we hadn’t arrived yet.

She never told us when we should arrive home, just when she wasn’t going to be home, so we thought it would be fine to arrive half an hour after she got home so she had time to cook diner. But apparently she didn’t think the same.

To be honest, I’m so used to getting home when I get home. I never have a certain hour I have to be there nor have to ask before going somewhere. I usually go home after school to eat, but sometimes I don’t or take a little longer and everything is ok. I am used to a different schedule and responsibility of being in time. This is something I’ll have to learn to get used to, and maybe will be something good I will learn and take home with me.

The funny thing about this was that the next day, the teachers weren’t mad at us for being late. They were actually curious about what had happened and laughed a little at our story. 

Now, speaking about being late, I have been almost late quite a few times. We arrive running and just when the clock ticks we step inside. It has happened at school, to reach the last bus home, and just yesterday when we were going to Lucerne. These moments are stressful because I’m used to having a car and driving myself around, but now I relay on public transportation that wont be there when I want it to. I’m getting used to it pretty fast though, I feel like I’ve been walking and running a lot these past few days and I like it.

Who would’ve thought I would enjoy chasing after a bus?

Thursday night was a stressful night. To keep the story short when I burned the electricity in the house, leaving us with no power to charge our phones or computers and less of a possibility of having internet –my roomie does have internet in her phone, I didn’t at the time-. We were so tired and worried that night. We had an exam the next day and we bearly had had any time to study. We had homework to do which required internet access and lights to see what we were writing down. We slept so late that night because we were awake not knowing what to do.

How do we put the power back on? How do we do our homework? Do we wake up someone? What do we tell her? Does she know the lights are out? How will we charge our phones? What is my phone dies and I don’t have an alarm?

Let’s just say all those questions and no answers led me to a 48 in my math exam. Yes, a 48 out of 100.

On Saturday, we roadtriped to Lucerne. As I said before, we were almost late to the bus, but we did it because we have an awsome host who cares for us. Any how, the whole way to Lucerne was very sad. Everyone was asleep and that was that. On the way back though, it was 10x better. We started talking about ourselfs and getting to know our classmates better. At one point, we all started singing. A guy has an ukulele and one of my tocaya*** has an awsome voice, they started off and were later followed with the rest of the group. The sad, or funny, thing was that half way through the song, the bus driver decided to play some music when he had said he didn’t like to play music on the radio. We still don’t know if he didn’t like us singing so he shut us up by playing some, or he finally though we might want some music and decided to be nice and do it for us.

So, that is week one.

I can’t believe I’ve already been a week out of home and I feel totally fine. I was scared I will be sad or miss my dog too much but it’s OK, I have talked via google duo with her…

So many things have happened that have already made me be a bigger person. I have met so many cool people that I already love so much and I’m so happy to have here with me.

There are still so many more places I will go and so many more people to meet. So many things to learn and see.

It’s just week one and I’m not leaving any time soon, but I want to come back already.

P.s. If you want to see all the pictures I’ve been taking you can follow me on Instagram or VSCO, as well as in The Journal’s Instagram.


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