Hey, so, guess what?

Written by: Olivia Gomez

Oh, dear reader, it’s been a long time since we saw each other (of course, I mean that metaphorically because we don’t actually see each other). I’ve got so much stuff to tell you! *insert excited squeal here*

Okay so, as you may or may not know, I’ve been on holiday for the past two weeks in Great Britain and, although I haven’t completely gone AWOL on you, I did skip a few deadlines (Sorry). If you follow us on our social media you probably saw some pictures of the cities I went to; if you don’t, go check them out! I’ll leave the links to all that below. On my trip I visited a total of 6 cities: London, Bristol, Norwich, Northampton (or more like Silverstone), Edinburgh and Glasgow! Now, each city will get its individual post, so, over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about them.

Anyways, this journey had a purpose: picking a university. In a previous post I talked about the process I went through to narrow down my options. I was expecting the decision to be a very hard and complicated one. However, it turned out to be quite easy. I don’t really like to say that because, somehow, it implies that I didn’t really think about it. But, I did. I thought about it night and day for every day up until we left for London. Now, I surprised myself on this trip quite a lot. I learned that I am capable of so many things, like riding the DLR and the tube without getting lost, like walking through unknown cities and always find my way, like being a confident person. I also learned that I do not succumb to nerves as easily as I thought I did, which is probably the most important concept out of them all. I expected my heart to pound hard against my chest the second I stepped on the universities’ grounds and only grow stronger and louder as the tours went on. Shockingly, I managed to stay calm and cool. So, you know, that’s always a plus!

  The first university I visited was the University of Bristol.

Now, what I liked most about this university was the student life. Bristol is a vibrant, coloful city that always has something going on; there’s shopping, there’s festivals, there’s the harbourside walk (which soooooooo pretty), there’s the science center, etc. I could go on forever, but I’ll talk about that when I post about the city itself. Naturally, the university is able to provide a great student life because of all of that. The second thing I liked most about it was the English Department. The course is very diverse and, as you go about your degree, it becomes more and more flexible and let’s you focus on the topics you like most, which I definitely liked. The third thing I liked about this place was their campus. I liked the idea of it being a city based campus; this means that the buildings are not enclosed on a specific area, you move around the city to go from class to class. I also really loved the architecture of said buildings; they were a bit more on the traditional side, which thrills any book nerd like me.

What I liked least (and it’s really only one thing) was that they didn’t have a lot of creative writing classes or modules. They offer one on the second year (I think) but it’s focused on poetry. I don’t really like to call myself a writer because I feel like you actually have to be good to call yourself that, but it is something that I really like to do and that I really want to improve. If I planned on only writing stuff like what I write here it wouldn’t bug me that much, however I do like letting my imagination loose every once in a while.

At the end of the day, everything looked really nice and the university left a really good impression on me, as did the city (honestly, it is a beautiful place).

The second university I visited was University of East Anglia; or UEA, as it is known.

We arrived in Norwich at half past midnight, I believe, so we were not really able to appreciate a good first view of the city, which is a bummer. The next day, my dear mother – who (bless her) puts up with me every day – and I woke early in the morning to head to the university and take the tour of the place. As we approached the registry office, my eyes wandered around the scenery. The clouds were casting shadows on the buildings, so everything looked greyer than it actually is. The campus was filled with trees and green areas, which contrasted with the big concrete blocks that were the buildings. So far, the first impression didn’t look very good. Luckily, I don’t judge a book by its cover.

But, as the day went by and the sun rose from its bed, everything started looking nicer. I liked its English Deparment a lot and I loved that it had a Creative Writing Department as well. Both are incredibly varied and diverse and also very flexible. On this topic, I found that most universities work similarly; they have a set of obligatory modules for the first year and as you go by, you start to get more and more control over your course. I liked how connected the university was with the students. I found out about that because one of the twitter accounts of the school followed me on twitter and contacted me because they saw my blog post about decisions; how cool is that?! I wasn’t crazy about the modern looking campus, but, apparently, it is usually filled with bunnies, so that’s always a plus. I mean, who doesn’t like bunnies? The student life seemed great; everybody talked about all the events that happen on campus and how the city is filled with quirky things to do, which I liked the sound of.

So, by the end of my visit I had my work cut out and I got to thinking…

The Decision…

It was clear to me that both universities and cities were almost complete opposites. Both institutions have their pros and their cons, as I (practically) listed them above and both are really really good schools. However, at the end of the day, what I really love to do, is write; so, at the end of the day, what I seek to improve is my writing. I love my short stories, but they are nowhere near what I want them to be like. With this said, I’m happy to say that I picked UEA! Now, I have to apply and actually get accepted… yikes. THAT is something to be nervous about, amirite?

That is all I have to say for today, but I’ll see you on saturday with a post AND a video of the first city on my trip: London! So, subscribe to our youtube channel and stay alert for that. Also, follow us on all our social media!

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