5 things to do when you’re stuck in an airport

Written by: Olivia Gómez

As you may very well remember, I had a trip scheduled for this summer and that trip started on saturday! Now, I’ve travelled several times before and I know the pain of being in an airport without nothing to do. However, this time, I discovered new ways of keeping my family and myself entretained and I want to share them with you. So, here they go!

  1. Read: It doesn’t matter how far I’m travelling, I always have a book with me. Its a good distraction from sitting around doing nothing (plus, you learn something). This time I brought “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë with me. Its a good read and a classic! So, I highly recommend it. If you like to read lighter books, “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn is a great pick. Also, if you don’t like carrying an actual book around, you can always take your kindle or your ipad. Those things are great for travelling.
  2. Write: This one is a personal favorite of mine. Whenever I have a long layover, I whip out my notebook and start writing about a crab’s inmortality. Its relaxing and it strengthens the imagination; plus, sometimes, I make myself laugh with what I’m writing and who doesn’t like to laugh? Amarite? Again, you don’t have to take an actual notebook with you (although I do recommend it) you your ipad!
  3. Draw: If writing is not your best talent, you can always resort to drawing. I generally draw when my head is hurting and I don’t want to think of words and thoughts. Drawing, like writing, is very relaxing and it also strengthens your imagination. You don’t have to be any good, you can doodle your way out of boredom. 
  4. Play 20 questions: Now, this one only works if you’re travelling with company. Playing 20 questions is super fun! You’ve got no idea the crazy things people will say to try and guess what you’re thinking. Also, you can think of something very specific. I find that adds to the fun. 
  5. Observe people: I have to emphasise something before I go into this one; observe. This sport is all bout watching how people behave in public places; it prohibits being judgemental and prejudiced. Please remeber: YOU ARE JUST OBSERVING. That means you’re not forming an opinion about that person. Clear? Yes? Okay, let’s move on. This particular activity fuels curiosity. Watching how people behave makes you wonder where they get them from and if you do it too. I find it very interesting and listening to music adds to the fun.

I believe those are the five things that always keep me from dying at the hand of boredom. If you’re travelling anytime soon, you should give them a try and tell us what you think of them in our social media!

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