Mango Pie Recipe

Every year on my dad’s birthday there is a mango pie replacing a typical birthday cake. My mom had always made this pie but recently she has been giving me that job. My brother’s birthday was this Monday and he had been begging for a mango pie of his own. So I decided to be a good older sister and grant him his birthday wish. This is how I made the delicious birthday mango pie.



  • IMG_94005 Mangos
  • 2 bags of grenatin (flavorless gelatin)
  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • 500 ml of whipping cream

Pie Crust

  • IMG_94131½ packets of vanilla cookies (In mexico we use galletas Marias)
  • 1 unsalted butter bar (melted)
  • Pie mold




The fun thing about this recipe is that it is so delicious and easy to make. You don’t need an oven and don’t run the risk of burning the desert. All you need is a few hours in the fridge.

Overall prep time is less than 30 minutes.

Cooling time can vary depending on the temperature of the fridge or if you choose to use the freezer.

Let’s start making the Pie Crust

Grind the cookies in the blender to create cookie crumbs.

I like grinding the cookies in sections because I feel like it’s easier this way.

I used 1½ cookie packets so I separated the cookies in three sections.

Before grinding the cookies, break them with your hands so it’s easier for the blender.

Put the cookie crumbs in the Pyrex (or whatever you are using as a pie mold)



Put the butter stick in a heat-resistant cup.
Microwave it for a minute or until liquid.








Get your hands dirty and mix the cookie crumbs with the butter.
Add the butter to the cookie crumbs.








Press the cookie crumbs down with two fingers until it looks like this.
Make sure that all the cookie crumbs are soaked in the butter.


And now you have a pie crust! Put it aside and now we are ready to start the filling.

Now, let’s get that pie started.

There are three things you need to do before putting it all together so it doesn’t really matter the order in which they are done.

IMG_9411-I’m going to start by whipping the cream, since I think that it’s what takes the longest to be ready.

If you don’t have a mixer you can use an old school whisker.


*Don’t over whisk*



Whisk the cream for a few minutes.
Until it starts puffing up like this.








The next step is to cut the mangos in cubes and put them in the blender with the IMG_9401-condensed milk. Blend it until it feels and looks like a pudding.




IMG_9416-And before putting it all together, the last thing you have to do is get ¼ cup of water, microwave it for 1 minute, and add the two bags of grenetin to the hot water.




Add to the blender while it’s turned on.








And now you are done with the three easy steps. The only thing left to do is pour the mango, condensed milk, and grenetin mixture into the mixers bowl and start whipping it all together until fully blended.




And mix.


And for the grand finale,

Pour the final pie pudding into the pie crust and freeze or refrigerate for a couple of hours.


After this you can defiantly add some mango slices to decorate and make it look pretty.

If you don’t want to make a pie, but want to make this desert, you can use regular coffee cups and even get to skip the whole pie crust thing. You place a cookie at the bottom and drop some tablespoons of the pie pudding on top. Then you can add another cookie and keep on adding layers of pie pudding and cookies until the top.

I think this is the perfect dessert for all of those non-cookers/non-bakers out there. It is the simplest thing to make!

Hope you enjoyed the recipe. Be sure to follow us in all of our social media which are located at the top right page under the banner.

If you have any questions about the making of this mango pie, don’t hesitate to ask!


P.s. I also made a lemon pie and you can watch how I did it on youtube. It is basically this recipe but using lemons instead of mangos.



  1. Happy birthday to your brother and this mango cake looks so delicious! I will definitely make it on my mom’s birthday next month! thank you for sharing it with everyone! ❤ (


  2. I have a friend who’s allergic to mangos and every time she tells me that I cry a little for her because she misses out on DELICIOUSNESS like this!!! I can’t wait to try this out (and probably eat the whole thing by myself without telling anybody because I’m greedy with yummy mango desserts). Thanks for sharing your recipe!

    PS, super duper jealous about your Kitchenaid… I wish I had one!


  3. I love mango pies and baking as well. I only tried baking apple pie and some brownies. I will try this recipe out but do you know how to make one with mango chunks? looking forward to more recipes


  4. Yummy! Have you tried this but without making the mango a puree but keeping it slightly chunky? Also wondering how it would be with some extra twists of lemon to make it extra tangy. Thanks for posting


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