The Impossibility of Pacifism

Written by: Olivia Gómez

“Pacifism” is defined as a doctrine which promotes peace and discredits war and violence. It tries to achieve a state of complete tranquility and quietud. However, that goal, that state, that place (which sounds like paradise) does not exist. The fact is that life is not and will never be in a permanent state of tranquility and quietud.

The human and imperfect beings who habit this land are experts when it comes to the topic of mistakes. We have always been and we will always be. Creationism and Evolutionism, both talk about characters who eventually make a mistake. When that happens, all hell is broke loose and we are forced to deal with the consequences until we can solve the mess we’re in and we can go back to that peaceful place. This is, obviously, an inconvinience to pacifism.

One of the essential parts of the arrogant, rational animals that walk the earth is the emotional part. From the day we are birthed and until the day we die, we possess the ability of feeling. We feel pain, we feel joy, we feel anger, frustration, butterflies, goosebumps, tears, relief, etc. The list is huge. That gift is encoded deep within our guts. Pacifism implies that we become permanent residents of one emotion. Although, it is not impossible to get to a completely peaceful state, it is very very very hard remaining in that state permanently.

See, life is a cylce (yes, I’m gonna start with the cheesy words now). It’s a cycle that, when it ends, it begins again. So said Newton when an apple fell on his head one day: “Anything that goes up has to come back down”. It is as simple as gravity. As much as we’d like to stay up in the clouds, we will always stumble back down. However, we can throw ourselves to new heights every time. We can find an infinity of possibilities that will lead us to new problems and new mistakes. And, through all of that, we will learn and keep circling. Perhaps, on the hour of our death, we will realize that all that war and violence that we suffered throughout our lives helped us enjoy the tiny moments in the air.

It’s very simple. Pacifism is impossible because, if we lived on an eternal state of peace and tranquility, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate it and enjoy it.



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